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The missions of the Nakanbé Water Agency (AEN)

The water agency of Nakanbé has the following missions:

engage water stakeholders in the concerted, integrated, balanced and sustainable management of water resources in the watershed

translate, through Master Plans of Management and Water Management (SDAGE) and Development and Water Management Schemes (SAGE), the guidelines of the national water policy

to promote basin-wide rational use of water resources, the fight against pollution and the protection of aquatic environments

collect taxes from water users for the pollutants they take or the pollution they generate, according to the “polluter pays” or “sampler-payer” principle

prepare, under the SDAGE and the SAGE, multi-year intervention programs to meet the needs of water use, preservation and restoration of water quality, conservation of aquatic ecosystems

collect, develop and disseminate knowledge on water resources in order to contribute to the improvement of their management

develop partnerships nationally and internationally with any organization involved in its field of competence

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