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Integrated Water Resources Management

Integrated Water Resources Management: Meeting of the administration with the users of the dam of Lou and inhabitants following a crisis.

by 2 May 2019Our news

This Thursday, May 2, a mission led by the prefect of the department of Sapouy and composed of the Water Agency of Nakambé, the Regional Directorate of Water Center West, the Provincial Directorate of Water Ziro, the Commissioner Sapouy, and technical services of the department (agriculture, environment, livestock), went to Lou to meet the users of the dam and the inhabitants of the village following the crisis born between them in relation to the use of the dam .
The mission met with users and inhabitants around:

  • Rational, shared and integrated management of the resource;
  • Social cohesion;
  • Public order.

The users and inhabitants said they were very happy about the mission’s arrival because this meeting would have allowed them to better understand the management of the resource and promised to organize better for an integrated management of the resource for the development of the Village Lou.

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