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Fight against invasive plants

Fight against invasive plants: the AEN holds in the first week of July 2019, an information and awareness workshop for the people of the Northern Region

by 16 Jun 2019Events

Nakanbé Water Agency (AEN) created since March 2007, works daily for the protection and preservation of water resources in its area of ​​expertise, the Nakanbé basin (60 337 km²). This work of protecting water resources, which constitutes for the NEA a fundamental mission, consists in promoting the rational and sustainable management of the water resources of its basin, the protection of aquatic environments, the fight against the pollution of the resource, etc. . To do this, in the context of its activities, it places a particular emphasis on communication through information, awareness and the mobilization of users of the resource. This communication contributes to a better participation of the populations in actions of protection of the water resources of their space. It is in this perspective that the Nakanbé Water Agency organizes in the first week of July 2019, an information and sensitization workshop for the people of the North region on the issue of “typha”, a type of invasive plant that exists in the Toécé dam and occupies about 50.6% of the surface of the water body. The workshop aims to promote the involvement of the populations of the North in the fight against the “typha” harmful to the quality and sustainability of water Toécé dam.

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